Writing on bank note makes it invalid? Govt responds to viral message

The central government on Sunday clarified that writing something on a bank note does not mean that it is no longer legal tender. The clarification came in response to a viral message stating that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued new guidelines, under which writing on a note makes it invalid.

The government, however, also appealed to the citizens to refrain from writing on a currency note, as doing so tends to spoil it and reduce its life span.

“Does writing on a bank note make it invalid? No, bank notes with scribblings are not invalid and will continue to be legal tender. Under the clean note policy, people are requested not to write on currency notes as it distorts and shortens their lives.

However, in India, writing on notes is a very common practice and at times it has led to an internet phenomenon,

clean note policy of rbi

Announced by the central bank in 1999, Policy Urges public not to write on notes and directs banks to arrange unrestricted facility for exchange of soiled and mutilated notes. Its objective is to provide good quality notes and coins to the citizens, while keeping soiled notes out of circulation.


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