Women In Business Growth Lab 2023 For Female Entrepreneurs

Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 is one of the latest empowerment programs for women entrepreneurs. This program was launched by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program to reduce the basis of inequality and barriers affecting women’s entrepreneurship.

Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs
Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs

The organization ultimately seeks to achieve this by accelerating gender equality through entrepreneurial development, learning and linking and financial access to funding. Trading is not a crime or a punishable offense anywhere in the world.

This is an opportunity for all women to go into their various businesses. Women’s Growth Lab organization is giving them golden opportunities.

Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs

In many parts of the world, especially in Africa, women are given little or no respect in all sectors of the economy. This has made the gap between gender disparities very noticeable. This entrepreneurship initiative program for women by WBG points towards bridging the gap of inequality.

The organization organizes a three-month program for young women to create and stimulate business into profitable and sustainable enterprises. It is also to accelerate job creation in the world.

The program is a project that aims to increase gender equality and fill gaps in the African technology ecosystem through impact investing. It is known as Agender 2063 to achieve the desired Africa.

Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs

Key benefits of the Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for women entrepreneurs are;

  • Access to partner and women’s community networks in Business Growth Lab organizations.
  • Investor access and funding through contract days.
  • Hands-on business and administrative support.
  • Access to industry experts through mentorship.
  • And finally, applying to the program provides you with office space.

Eligibility for Women Entrepreneurs in Business Growth Lab 2023

Eligibility requirements for Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs are;

  • Applicants should be passionate about accelerating their start-up
  • Applicants should be between eighteen to thirty five years of age [18-35]
  • Also, applicants must be the founder, co-founder or CTO of your business start-up
  • They must have an early-stage/minimum viable product [MVP] Start up
  • Applicant must be physically present for the program
  • Finally, by necessity, applicants must be female.

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply.

  • Visit the official website here in your web browser
  • Click on the “Apply Here” button to proceed with the application
  • You will be directed to the Women in Business Growth Lab application form page
  • In that form, enter your email, name, gender, phone number, start-up/business name and your location.
  • Select your age, start-up/business stage, sector of focus and start-up/business priority
  • Describe the area of ​​assistance you may need during the program and incubation program attendance status
  • Select how you found out about the incubation program and upload your files
  • Click the “Submit” button to complete the application

Follow the above steps to open the application for 2023.

Applications and deadlines for Women in Business Growth Lab 2023 for Women Entrepreneurs are yet to be announced. Therefore, follow this page or the above website for more details about when the application will start.

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