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Social media is a pool of heartwarming content that has the power to cheer us up and brighten our day And this particular video on the internet aptly proves it. It shows a father singing a lullaby to his son, and his soothing voice, along with the child’s reaction, is melting hearts online.

“‘Fathers are the men who dare to instill in their children the hopes and dreams of the world.’ Mahur Mehdikhani sings a lullaby to his son,” read the caption of the video shared on Twitter. The video opens with a father singing a lullaby to his son, who is resting on a guitar—the instrument his father plays as he sings a melodious lullaby. As the video progresses, he lullabies. Enjoys and looks like he has fallen asleep. At the end, the father plants a kiss on his son’s mouth and the child’s reaction to it wins hearts.

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Watch the video below:

Since being shared on December 11, the video has garnered over 3.1 lakh views, close to 1,400 likes and several comments.

Take a look at the comments here:

“Your voice is golden so beautiful thanks for sharing,” one person commented. “So true. Thank you,” another posted. “The best moment anyone could hope for,” shared a third.

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