Tweet from 2015 predicting Lionel Messi will lift World Cup 2022 goes viral | Trending

FIFA World Cup 2022 was now or never moment for Argentina footballer Lionel Messi. The player made his country proud and delighted the fans by lifting the most coveted trophy in world football. Twitter was abuzz with posts celebrating the player’s performance and the team’s win. However, in the sea of ​​tweets, a post from 2015 is also going viral. The share tweeted seven years ago predicted Messi’s victory FIFA World Cup 2022.

Twitter user Jose Miguel Polanco shared the tweet on March 21, 2015. “December 18, 2022. 34-year-old Leo Messi will win the World Cup and become the greatest player of all time. Check back with me in 7 years,” he tweeted. Amazingly, his words came true as Argentina led by Lionel Messi beat France in a thrilling final.

Polanco’s tweet is garnering a lot of attention and going viral. Apart from retweeting and sharing the post on other social media platforms, people are also liking the share. So far, it has accumulated more than 3.1 lakh likes.

Check out the post:

People couldn’t keep calm as they shared numerous posts reacting to the tweet. “Crazy haha,” wrote one Twitter user. “Can you please predict the day I’ll finally meet a passionate man,” joked another. “In what year will I be a millionaire?” joined a third.

Some questioned how the Twitter user came to know about the exact date in 2015. however, fifa In 2015, Qatar announced the date for the finals of the recently concluded World Cup “The Executive Committee has today confirmed that the 2022 World Cup will be held in November/December and the final will take place on 18 December,” FIFA said in a statement. statement, report CNN.

A few hours ago, he also shared another tweet in Spanish about Argentina’s win. When translated, it reads, “It was given. I have followed you to all parts of the world and finally we have tasted eternal glory. You are not the love that hurts me, you are the love of my life. I am the happiest man in the world, as well as the 45 million Argentines who have had this dream since we have the use of logic.”

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