Top 30 Christmas Movies to Watch this December

Christmas is around the corner or just a few days away and you probably have no plans on how to spend your Christmas.

The 30 Best Christmas Movies to Watch This December
The 30 Best Christmas Movies to Watch This December

Well, if so, then we have the perfect plan for you on how to spend your Christmas. And just as the keyword explains, we give you a list of the 30 best Christmas movies to watch this December.

The 30 Best Christmas Movies to Watch This December

Watching interesting movies on Christmas Eve can be so heartwarming. Well, it should be not just any film but film with class and quality. You must be wondering where you can get such a movie. Then you should check the list below:

DIE HARD – 1988

As the days leading up to Christmas get worse, something worse happens than NYC cop John McClane, whose reunion with his estranged wife in an LA skyscraper is interrupted by a bunch of machine gun-toting terrorists. Packed with killer set pieces and a memorably relatable villain, John McTiernan’s crowd-pleasing action film is the hard-and-gift that keeps on giving.


This movie takes place over a period of one year and it starts and ends around Christmas. So, you get a nice dose of holiday decorations and festivities. Moreover, it is a classic rom-com, with the perfect amount of British humor and will surely put you in a good mood during the festive season.

Falling for Christmas

In this movie, a lady named Lindsay Lohan is back on board, and what better place to start her career than with the Glee alum chord reading Overstreet against Christmas. This is definitely something you will love to watch on Christmas Eve.


It’s a Netflix movie and it’s the best animated Christmas movie since The Polar Express. However, while watching this movie, make sure you’re full of popcorn and sweet treats. Season’s Greetings as you make your Christmas Eve a beautiful one by watching this movie.

Princess Switch

Well, here’s another cute Netflix movie for Christmas that you’ll love. High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens stars in the first film that eventually became the Netflix Christmas trilogy as a diminutive two-baker who looks exactly like the Duchess of a fictional country called Belgravia.

Christmas in Connecticut

Starring Barbour Stanwyck as a food critic who lies about having a farm in New England in Connection, the 40s star Scrambler assembles a fake farm and family to protect his reputation. This movie is very educational and worth your time to watch.

A Christmas Carol

Do you like action movies? If yes then you need to get this movie for Christmas. In this movie, George C. Scott takes the lead in this British-made Doe Television adaptation of A Christmas Carol, where he gives his all to the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

I believe in Santa Claus

Rankin/Bass Productions, home of Rudolph, completely popped off when they made The Year Without Santa Claus, full of rockin’ songs like “The Snow Miser” and others. This stop-motion classic also boasts Shirley Booth as the narrator in her final performance.

Last Christmas

This movie is entirely based on George Michael’s song. However, combine this with the great chemistry between the lead and the completely absurd Eastern European character played by Emma Thompson. Last Christmas is rated as one of the best movies of all time.


It is a charming animated movie that tells the story of a young boy’s short-lived adventure with his winter creation. Well, it’s based on Raymond Briggs’ children’s book of the same name. The film’s themes of instability and innocence make it a jerker for any age group.

Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

It takes a moment to sit through The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show. A review of this movie, overall, should be kitschy and warm and holiday. Well, if you have less plans on how to spend your holidays, you should consider watching this movie.

A Christmas Prince

This is one of the best Netflix movies that you will be happy to watch. Well, if you let go of the fact that you can call out every single twist and turn with absolutely no exceptions, you’ll realize that a Christmas prince is truly perfect.

Jack Frost

The movie tells the story of a man who is a very bitter aging rocker who meets a tragic end in a car accident on Christmas Day. And a year later, his son pops a song on his old harmonica that brings him to life as a snowman.

Batman Returns

This movie isn’t really about Christmas, but it’s still one of the best holiday movies ever made. Well, Side has never been a holiday movie, but it is highly recommended for Christmas Eve. So, make sure you get your popcorn ready as you spice up your Christmas with this action movie.

just friends

It is an amazing comic movie. It talks about two high school friends wrapped in a similar plot. In this movie, Christ wants a relationship with Jamie who can be his friend but the other head just wants to be friends with him.

other Christmas movies to watch this December

In this section, we’ll give a roundup of the 30 best Christmas movies to watch this December. You can check them out below:

  • Gremlins.
  • the elf
  • bad santa
  • home alone
  • A Christmas Story.
  • Edward Scissorhands.
  • Kiss kiss, bang bang.
  • The happiest season.
  • home alone
  • Freeze and freeze 2.
  • Actually love.
  • black christmas
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Holidays.
  • Glitter all the way.

These are the movies you can watch on Christmas Eve.


Christmas is one of the best days that most people look forward to. Well, it’s important that when that day comes, you make it a happy one. Make your eve a beautiful one with the given list. Season’s greetings to you all!

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