The Next High-Powered SSD from Micron Could Fit Perfectly In Your Laptop

The next high-capacity SSD from Micron can fit perfectly into your laptop. All you have to do is Pile 24 of them together and you get an impressive 737TB.

The next high-power SSD from Micron could fit perfectly into your laptop

The next high-power SSD from Micron could fit perfectly into your laptop

Micron has now announced that its latest 9400 NVMe PCle 4.0 SSD is set to deliver what is claimed by the firm as an industry-leading 30.72TB of storage.

According to Micron, the device available now is its 9400 solid-state drive and is “designed to operate The most demanding data center workloads”, and thus lends itself very well to artificial intelligence, machine learning and many other high-performance computing applications.

“Thanks to its industry-leading 30TB capacity and stunning performance with more than 1 million IOPS of mixed workloads, the Micron 9400 SSD packs large datasets into every server and accelerates machine learning training, equipping users to squeeze more out of their GPUs, ” noted Alvaro Toledo, VP for Micron.

An improvement in IOPS per watt is also reported

IOPS per watt is also said to be a significant 77% improvement, while the 30TB SSD doubles the capacity of the previous generation NVMe. Micron SSD effectively and efficiently. This then leads to a standard, two-rack-unit, 24-drive server fully equipped with Micron 9400 SSDs, thus providing a total storage space of f 737TB.

This very development will naturally help to see the potential for a significant reduction in the footprint required in data centers as opposed to other like-for-like setups thus helping to reduce the environmental impact of data storage. Micron, however, promises that companies can lower their maintenance costs as a result.

Micron 9400 NVMe SSD Available Sizes

The Micron 9400 NVMe SSD available Currently in 6.4TB, 7.68TB, 12.8TB, 15.36TB, 25.6TB, and 30.72TB sizes. And it is also ready for U.3 socket and U.2 backward compatibility. And despite its apparent availability, the firm (Micron) hasn’t shared many details about the price of its new release.

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