Snag These Soundcore Life P2i Earbuds at Just $17

Grab these Soundcore Life P2i earbuds for just $17 And when you do, you can already save 58% on-Affordable Soundcore earbuds from Anker.

Snag these Soundcore Life P2i earbuds for just $17

Snag these Soundcore Life P2i earbuds for just $17

Are you looking for low-cost truly wireless earbuds that can handle whatever your day brings? If this is the case for you, then look no further than the Soundcore Life P2i. Although we haven’t reviewed the P2i model yet, we enjoyed the p2 mini for its comfort, affordability and sound for the price it comes with, and this model is somewhat similar to the Soundcore. The P2i is the newer of the two models.

And right now, amazon’s Soundcore Life P2i True Wireless Earbuds are 58% off, which means you Only $17 for a pair of devices But for a limited time.

Features of Soundcore Life P2i Earbuds

The device sports Bluetooth 5.2, has dual EQ modes to help amplify the bass or even get a more balanced sound with clearer vocals, and it supports single earbud mode so you can get through a flexible day easily and efficiently. You should know that this set of earbuds is equipped with two microphones that help capture your voice and AI technology that reduces unwanted background noise.

The Soundcore Life P2i earbuds are IPX4-rated water-resistance

Per charge, you get up to 28 hours of playtime when using the charging case. They support fast charging, meaning with just 10 minutes On a charge time, you get up to an hour of playback which is very useful when you are in transit or even going to the gym for a workout session. These devices are also IPX4-rated water-resistant. And with that being said, that means a little sweat or even rain won’t slow you down.

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