Piyush Mishra calls south filmmakers more intelligent than those in Bollywood | Bollywood

the actor Piyush Mishra Praised film directors for becoming ‘smarter and more innovative’ in ‘South Indian film industries’ and said Bollywood filmmakers work ‘in the same formula forever’. In a new interview, Piyush talks about how films like Pushpa: The Rise are ‘typical of their genre’ but are presented to the audience in a new way. (Also read | Interview Piyush Mishra says lyricists are unable to write these days: ‘Saste mein kaam chala laten hai’)

He also pointed out that Tamil and Malayalam are ‘very old languages’ and part of ‘very old cultures’, which is why filmmakers there ‘research very well’ on ‘the details of their films’. Asked whether films are still being made that can deeply affect people’s lives, he replied that ‘no such films are being made in North India’. However, he praised director Rajkumar Hirani and his film 3 Idiots as one of the exceptions.

In an interview to ANI, Piyush said, “Directors from the South Indian film industry are smarter, have higher IQ and are more innovative than us (Bollywood directors). It’s our stupidity that we are always working on the same formula. Many actions like Pushpa from South India, Their genre is characterized by violence and flashy sequences but it is presented to the audience in a new way. I also recently worked with Shankar in a South Indian film called Indian 2. My first experience working with him, I realized how innovative he was. He presents the same idea in different ways and represents the culture better.”

Talking about parallel cinema, Piyush said, “Commercial films mean art made for commerce. So, parallel films do not exist. If your films do not entertain a large number of people, they cannot be called films and South Indian filmmakers know this.” The actor expressed his views on the recently emerging boycott culture in India against the film, calling it ‘both right and wrong to an extent’.

Piyush is all set to perform in Raipur as part of his Arambh Hai Prachand concert series with a big band. He is also writing a book titled Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai Piyush Mishra (What is your status Piyush Mishra?), an autobiographical novel which will be released on January 13, 2023.

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