Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

As promised by Blizzard, the Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event is finally here. The event will be a short-lived event as it will only last for a few weeks. From 5th January to 19th January.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

Battle of Olympus is an FFA (Free for All) deathmatch. Several Overwatch 2 heroes will drop into a map that’s been repurposed as arenas to fight for the most kills, 18 is your victory goal. You can choose from a total of seven heroes that you want to play with. The character with the most overall wins will be immortalized by having a statue erected to them in the center of the Ilios map.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus

Maps will be made available at the ancient Greek ruins of Ilios, which is very suitable, and the archaeological site of Petra in southern Jordan. Both of these locations are being excavated by the same crew due to the ancient Greek statues and items found at those sites.

If you’re not interested in FFA Death Match, don’t worry; It even carries other benefits. New skins for Lucio, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and Widowmaker are in the Overwatch 2 Store. Completing the challenges will enable you to get the Winged Mercy skin with other named voice lines and player titles.

The new abilities of the playable heroes in Battle of Olympus are one of the biggest challenges to get your head around. The gameplay of this event is quite different than usual, as all heroes are imbued with god-like powers for their ultimate, known as Divine Power. Let us see what is different and how to ensure your victory.

Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus Character Guide


Roadhog’s godly buff is pretty rocky for other players. The powers of the ancient mythic whirlwind descend into this pig from below and allow this character to increase his size for about 16 seconds and double his health when he is in his final phase. Also, this means that he will throw rocks at enemies that will temporarily stun you.


Reinhardt is certainly not riding around with his ultimate or divine powers. After knocking his classic ultimate, Earthshatter, directly into the ground in front of him, his divine power will enable the hero to buff his pin ability. This is where he lunges at an enemy and then pins them to a wall. This skin is made more deadly as Reinhardt can now carry multiple enemies and instantly kill everyone who pins them.

just ram

Ramath is a new character this season, so there is a lot to learn when approaching this character Furious Omnic’s ultimate might be one of the strongest in Overwatch 2, so this ultimate didn’t have much in the way of righteous power.

One advantage of this character is that while his ultimate is active, the punches he throws will work to pull enemies in. This is a helpful addition as Ramatra’s ultimate will last as long as she’s damaging people, meaning you can go on a brutal rampage using this character.

Junker Queen

Typically, his ultimate, known as Rampage, can injure all enemies standing in front of him with tick damage that will slowly deplete their health while preventing them from healing. As it is quite deadly.

Except now, it’s much stronger. As Junker is imbued with the power of Queen Juice as she swings her ultimate at already damaged enemies, her weapons will zap them with bolts of light for additional damage that lasts about 25 seconds.


For a while, Fara is around, so it’s easy to retain her powers. If you look at her skin, which is available at level 60 of the Battle Pass, Farah wields the power of Hades, which brought some significant changes to her ultimate.

Instead of just standing still while firing rockets at enemies, in this mode, Farah will be able to move around. Right after his initial rocket barrage, he can fire three-headed Cerberus rockets for 15 seconds, increasing the duration of all kills and healing Farah.


Widowmaker’s amazing skin is not new to us this season. Modeled after Medusa, she carries a serpent tied for hair and scaly skin. For this game mode, Widowmaker can use her fearsome vision. When he is at his peak, he is able to see through walls, he can aim at their heads. However, if said target looks at him while he scopes, they will turn to stone. This ability will last for about 25 seconds.


Lucio thinks he’s capable of moving around any map, but now he has the power of Hermes; He can fly. A passive has been added for you to help out the only support hero between angry tanks and DPS heroes which means that now Lucio can jump back after jumping from Wallride, making it much easier to avoid incoming attacks. His soundwave has also stunned opponents for quite some time.

When it comes up to his ultimate power, Lucio gets his usual barrage of extra health with some extra. Healing DJ’s movement speed will be increased for about 20 seconds while receiving infinite ammo.

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