Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU Could Be Hitting the Shelves Sooner Than Later

The Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU might hit the shelves soon, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up too high right now, as inno3D has currently filed for both. RTX 4070 and 4070 Ti graphics cards.

Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU may hit the shelves soon

Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU may hit the shelves soon

Nvidia’s RTX 4070 could be coming to us much sooner than we initially expected if anything is to be done about a regulatory filing that’s been making the rounds.

Videocardz recently highlighted A tweet from @harukaze5719, a regular hardware leaker, indicated an EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) filing for Inno 3D’s RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4070 graphics cards.

Ask Technology Group Ltd. listed in the filing

The name on the list, Ask Technology Group Ltd., is actually the company behind Inno3D, the phenomenon you were thinking of, and such filings with the EEC often appear well in advance of a product’s unveiling and launch.

The RTX 4070 Ti may be revealed at CES

And currently, we’re pretty sure the RTX 4070 Ti is going to be revealed at CES in just a few weeks. And January 5th is specific and theoretically it should go on sale right after that. But, anyway, with Filed alongside the RTX 4070 GPU In EEC, doesn’t really suggest it’s ready to unveil alongside the 4070 Ti, perhaps? This is definitely one of the many questions that many users and enthusiasts are asking

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