Nokia T10 tries but fails to get budget Android tabs out of an unremarkable loop

This is an ongoing theme. Walk into an electronics store, inquire about the latest options for really affordable Android tablets (which are around 10,000 price range) and you’ll be shown a now largely tired list of options. Which is why Nokia’s latest and even more affordable tablet effort after the T20 makes sense. The Nokia T10, despite being quite restrained in terms of specifications, can still be a viable option for many usage scenarios.

In the economical tablet space, you have to make a choice about display size. Do you want something up to 8-inches, or display real estate larger than 10-inches? The former could be a good option for many people with extreme portability needs. Also, if you’re buying a tablet for the younger crowd, some educational apps and YouTube for some downtime, along with the occasional online classes.

To be fair, the most recent launch (this was in H1 2022, mind you) you could consider pre-Nokia T10 would be the Lenovo Tab M7, now in its third generation (prices are approx. 10,000). But is the Nokia T10 really capable of adding some freshness and a new approach to the affordable Android tablet? The answer is a resounding no’. Although there is no fault of Nokia T10 in this.

It’s built quite well, though for the price, don’t expect anything more than a basic portfolio of content. The polycarbonate finish has a nice texture that adds something to the look, while the fairly thick bezels on either side of the display (if you hold it in landscape mode) aren’t something you’ll just be able to get away with.

For whatever it’s worth, the IPX2 water resistance gives it a layer against splashes. But nothing else to be fair.

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The 8-inch IPS LCD gives it something to work with in terms of nice and rich colours. Still, anything beyond that is limited by the 1200 x 800 resolution. There’s a certain versatility about this screen, ideally for web browsing, e-book reading and video calls, punching up over the cheating glasses. But that’s not what you’ll find holding you if Netflix in high definition is what you’re looking for.

There’s enough power under the hood to keep you chugging along. The choice of the Unisoc T606 will definitely raise a few eyebrows. This line isn’t as common or popular as chips from Qualcomm or MediaTek. There Nokia certainly feels it needs to do as little as it can to keep costs under control.

Whether this compromises your experience or not will depend on what you expect from the Nokia T10 in terms of performance. Your choice is between 3GB and 4GB of RAM (a no-brainer, which we’d recommend) and that also dictates the internal storage (be it 32GB or 64GB, depending on the RAM).

This is not a tablet for any kind of moderately serious gaming. Still, it certainly works for video calls, online classrooms, web browsing, social media, and some video binging when there isn’t a better screen to fall back on (sometimes the UHD TV monopoly at home can be overwhelming). Yes, this is the reality of most households).

And speaking of kids, this is one of the rare tablets that integrates Google Kids Space — a more controlled space for apps, YouTube content, books, etc. that little ones can consume during their allowed screen time. Can This Android feature is not available in every tablet.

Battery life is strong, and considering there’s not a lot of horsepower or display pixels to drive it, we wouldn’t have expected anything less. If you are mindful of the screen brightness, it will last for about 9 hours of screen time on a single charge. That’s not a bad return from a 5,250mAh battery.

while 11,799 onwards price situation looks very affordable think it essentially Your Rs 12,799 is being spent. You really shouldn’t go lower than 4GB + 64GB, even with a little future-proofing in mind. add one more 1,000 for it, if you also want 4G connectivity options (with SIM slot) in addition to Wi-Fi.

Suddenly, truly affordable Android tablets have taken a step or two forward. Nevertheless, the freshness of a clean(er) Android still has its charms.

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