‘Next TODU-FODU thing’: Ashneer Grover on his new startup Third Unicorn

BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover sheds some light on his new startup Third Unicorn. In a LinkedIn post, Grover, who announced The startup had given a glimpse of the new venture on its 40th birthday in June last year and had said that the company would have a maximum team of 50 people.

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He said that on completing five years in the company, the employees would be gifted ‘Mercedes-Sherdes’.

“Let’s do some work in 2023! At Third Unicorn, we have been quietly and quietly building a business that shakes up the market. Bootstrapped. Without limelight. And we’re doing things differently. Very different. So if you want to be a part of the next TODU – FODU thing, here’s a glimpse of how we’re building! What we are building remains a billion dollar question!’

Ashneer Grover's post on his new startup (Image courtesy: LinkedIn)
Ashneer Grover’s post on his new startup (Image courtesy: LinkedIn)

The entrepreneur asked venture capitalists (VCs) to stay away from investing in Third Unicorn, saying the startup would have no ‘board-shod’. The company, he said, is for those who want to make a ‘big-sig’.

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Those interested in joining can mail team@third-unicorn.com.

In March 2022, Grover resigned as the Managing Director of BharatPe. He has been very active on social media in recent months and his ‘autobiography’, a book titled ‘Doglapan’ was released in December.

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