New York State Schools Reportedly Ban ChatGPT

New York state schools have reportedly banned ChatGPT. According to various reports, it is the largest school system in the country Moments is powerful AI-powered access blocking Chatbots in his network.

New York State schools have reportedly banned ChatGPT

New York State schools have reportedly banned ChatGPT

The New York City Department of Education is blocking users’ access to ChatGPT on its online devices and on all of its Internet networks. The AI-powered chatbot can generate conversational answers to users’ questions you should know and even write essays, thus drawing from a large number of online sources.

Section on This information was given to the education website Chuckbit on Tuesday It is being restricted due to “negative impacts on student learning and concerns about the security and accuracy of content.”

What a school system spokesperson said about the development

“While the tool may be able to answer questions quickly and easily, it doesn’t build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for academic and lifelong success,” Jenna Lyle, a spokeswoman for the school system, told the outlet.

Students and teachers alike But can still connect to ChatGPT, but only on devices not connected to the school system Lyle also added that Gat access can be requested by individuals interested in learning the technology behind next-generation chatbots.

Effects of action by New York State schools

And while New York City is the first of many states to block ChatGPT, it is and could be the largest school system in the country But similar actions create a ripple effect in other places.

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