How to Stop Siri Notifications from Playing on Your AirPods

Are you wondering how to stop Siri notifications from playing on your AirPods? If you own an Apple device, you may be very familiar with Siri’s voice. The virtual assistant is usually enabled by default on iPhone and iPad, and is incredibly useful for performing hands-free tasks.

How to stop Siri notifications from playing on your AirPods

Since the launch of iOS 15, the feature has been further enhanced with more ability to announce notifications on AirPods, offering users the option to stay on top of certain app updates without having to look at their screen.

Siri is capable of reading text messages, reminders, and some other alerts that include calls as well as notifications that are classified as time-sensitive, starting from a compatible third-party app, and listening for a few moments right after the announcement. If you want to give feedback or even take some action.

Apple devices that can use this feature

At the moment, this potentially useful upgrade can be accessed by those who own an iPhone or iPad and are on iOS 15 or newer. and AirPods Max, AirPods 2nd generation or newer, AirPods Pro 1st generation or newer, Beats Fit Pro, Powerbeats, Powerbeats Pro, or Beats Solo Pro available as their preferred listening device.

While the features seem like an upgrade to Apple’s OS and devices, sometimes the non-stop notifications can be frustrating to listen to. And that’s where this article comes in.

Adjust some iPhone and iPad settings

If you don’t like hearing Siri read your notifications through your AirPods or headphones every time, I’ve put together other steps below to turn it off completely.

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Then scroll down and go to Siri and search
  • After that, tap on the announcement notification
  • Switch the next toggle to another to announce the notification in the off position
  • Go back to Siri and Search and then do the same to announce the call
  • Tap “Never” on the other to avoid announcing future calls.

You will be able to follow the same process when you want to turn the feature back on. If you just want to stop hearing notifications through your headphones but don’t mind actually leaving the feature enabled, leave the announcement notifications toggle green, and on the same page, simply switch the headphone toggle to the off position under “Announce when connected.” ”

By doing this, Siri will continue to read notifications and then listen for your response if your device is not with you or the screen is locked, but this feature will be temporarily paused if you have compatible headphones connected. iPhone or iPad.

Siri announcement settings for specific apps

The announcement feature is built for multiple apps and not just iOS apps. If you are interested in controlling the apps that read notifications, follow the steps highlighted below:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Then go to notification
  • Under Siri, tap Announce Notifications.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to access this page by launching the Settings app, going to Siri & Search, and hitting Notifications. Here, you’ll likely see a section called Announcement Notifications with a list of all the apps on your Apple device that are compatible with the nifty Siri feature. All you need is to tap on a specific app other than to announce or turn off notifications for it.

Just by default, when an app identifies a notification as time-sensitive or a direct message, Siri will play a sound and automatically announce the alert. For some apps that announce notifications from the list, you’ll be given the option to enable or disable time-sensitive and direct messages, or read aloud for all notifications, if you want to select that. To hear or not to hear


Why do my AirPods trigger Siri?

Why does Siri keep coming up when I have AirPods? If you’re having issues with Siri launching while you have AirPods, it could be that you’re accidentally activating it by double-touching the AirPods, or Siri is listening for wake-up sounds and hearing sounds that sound similar.

Why does Siri keep popping up on my headphones?

The problem is most likely a bad microphone button on your headphones. A set of earphones, cables or headphones usually has only one button. This button is used to pause music and, in the case of Apple devices, activates Siri by holding down.

Why do my headphones keep making Siri?

Many headsets, like the official Apple AirPods, have a button that activates Siri or voice control. This button may cause Siri or Voice Control to pop up on your iPhone. It may only work with some headphones or headsets.

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