How to Create a PlayStation Network Account

In this article, I will give you the details on how to create a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. The steps I will give you in this content work directly on a computer, PS5, or PS4 console

How to Create a PlayStation Network Account

If you own a PlayStation, you should have a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. While you don’t exactly need one to play games on your console (PS4 or PS5), you’ll be missing out on a lot of cool features without an account. A PSN account is like the icing on the cake for PlayStation owners.

How to Create a PlayStation Account on a Computer

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a digital entertainment service for your PlayStation. With a PSN account, you can download games to play and stream apps to watch TV and movies. Below I have put together the steps involved in creating an account on a PC. Steps include:

  • First, launch your browser on your computer and then go to Sony Entertainment Network account creation page.
  • Then enter your personal details, including your email address, date of birth and location information, and then select a password
  • Select “I agree”. create my account”
  • Next, verify your email address with the link provided in the emails sent to you by Sony
  • Return to the Sony Entertainment Network website and select “Continue”.
  • Select the “Update Account” icon that pops up on the next page
  • Choose the “Online ID” that other people will see when you are gaming online
  • Select “Continue”.
  • After completing the PlayStation Network account update with your name, security question, location information, and optional billing information, press Continue after each screen.
  • Select “Finish” once you’ve filled in your PSN account information

Along with this, you should be sent a message saying “Your account is now ready to access PlayStation Network”.

How to Create PSN Account on PlayStation 5

If you currently have a PSN account on your PS4, you can choose to log in using the same account on your PS5 console. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll be able to create a new one on your PS5. Follow the steps given below to accomplish this:

  • First go to the home screen and then select “Add User”.
  • Select “Get Started” and then agree to the Terms of Use.
  • Then select “Create an account”.
  • Enter the required information and then verify your email address. The next time you want to sign in, use your email address and password. You can also choose to sign in using the PlayStation app

How to Create a PSN Account on a PS4

Below are the steps involved in how to create a PSN account on a PlayStation 4 It includes:

  • With the console turned on and the controller activated, select “New User” on the screen.
  • After that, “Create a user” and accept the user agreement
  • Select “Next” located under the PlayStation Network area.
  • Instead of logging directly into PSN, “New to PSN? Create an account”
  • Select “Sign up now”.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions to submit your location details, email address and password, select the “Next” buttons and go through the screen directly.
  • Select an “Avatar”. You may choose to change this at any time in the future
  • On the “Create your PSN Profile” screen on the right, enter the username of your choice. Also, fill in your name but remember that it will be public.
  • The next screen will offer you the option to auto-fill your profile picture and your name using your Facebook details. Also, you can choose not to display your full details, name and picture while playing games online
  • The next screen will enable you to set your privacy settings. You can select “Anyone, Friends of Friends, Only Friends or Nobody” for different activities.
  • Choose “Accept” on the final setup page and then accept the Terms of Service and User Agreement

And that’s all you need to create a PSN account on your PlayStation 4 console. The process is not that complicated, and you will be able to run it in no time.


How do I delete my PSN account?

The process to delete your PSN account is as follows. First, contact Sony directly and then request account closure while offering your account ID and associated email address.

Once the account is closed, you will not be able to use that PSN account name and you will lose access to all affiliate purchases, subscriptions and remaining funds available in your wallet.

Can you have a PlayStation account without PlayStation?

You’ll be able to create a new PSN account directly from the console’s login screen or from a web browser To create another account, choose to create a user on the PS4 or PS5 login page, or you can visit the website. If you have an existing PSN account, you can choose to add it directly from the login screen on your console.

Is PlayStation Account the same as Sony?

You can choose to sign in to PlayStation Network using the same sign-in ID and password that you already use with other participating Sony Group services.

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