Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024 – Apply Now!

Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024. Did you know that Harvard University is accepting fellowship applications? Or are you hearing about this opportunity for the first time? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, fully funded by Harvard University! Keep reading for more information!

Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024

Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024

Have you applied for a scholarship to Harvard in the past? This is a rare benefit and a lifetime change in the status quo. Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center strives to create innovative thinkers and changemakers, spark initiatives, and share ideas.

About the Berkman Klein Center

The Berkman Klein Center was founded in 1996 and was originally known as the “Law and Technology Center” by Jonathan Zitren and Professor Charles Nelson. In 1997, the Berkman family wrote the Center’s ad in 1998 it was changed to the Berkman Senator for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

Since then, it has grown from a small project to a major interdisciplinary center at Harvard University. This center seeks to understand developing technologies related to the Internet and how those technologies affect society.

Its main research interests are tins and media, monitoring, privacy, internet governance, cloud computing and internet censorship.

Who can apply?

Wondering who to apply for this scholarship? It is open to scholars, engineers, artists, practitioners, inventors, etc. including interest in democracy, authoritarianism, fairness and justice, global internet, data governance, youth, media and child protection, human rights; Equity, Organization, Inclusion, Diversity, Digital Identity, Quantum Computing, Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity etc.

How to Apply for Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024

Current CV

Personal statement that answers the following three questions. Each response should be between 250-500 words and should not exceed 1500 words.

What is the research you propose to conduct during the fellowship year: Describe the problem you are trying to solve.

Outline the methods guiding your research.

Discuss the public interest and/or communities you plan to serve through your work.

Why is the Berkman Klein Center the right place for you to do this work?

How does your personal background affect your research?

It should be documented as a PDF of 1-3 work samples such as articles, events. These should be related to the project proposal in some way or help demonstrate the feasibility of the project proposal.

These should be submitted as one combined PDF.

Eligibility Criteria for Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024

It is open to fellows across the disciplinary spectrum with different career paths. Invitations for 2023-2024 are primarily for academics who are post-docs or professors.

It is not open to students as Harvard students will be supported in programming, internet technology etc.

Harvard University Berkman Klein Scholarships will prioritize and select fellows with a proven record of contribution to the public and scholarly conversation in their field of study.

International applicants

This program works with the Harvard International Office to sponsor immigration papers for qualified international fellows. An outline of the visa application process and its requirements can be found on the website: http://hio.harvard.edu/scholar-visa-process.

Benefits of Harvard University Berkman Klein Center Scholarship 2024

Stipend: Two pathways are provided for this fellowship program through open calls: those who apply for funding from the Berkman Klein Center and those who apply supported by external funding.

  • Berkman Klein Center Funding: The Center has a limited pool of funds to support Fellows. BKC Funded Fellows appointed through an open call for applications are eligible to receive an annual stipend of $75,000. The first half of the stipend is guaranteed to cover the first half of the year. We will conduct a mid-year review with fellows to share feedback, review engagement and check research progress and, if scholars are on track, at this stage we will clear the way for funding for the second half of the year. For 2023-2024, we anticipate offering three fully funded fellowships.
  • External Financing: These applicants bring their own financial support, such as a grant, a scholarship, sabbatical, or the like. The Berkman Klein Center will supplement this funding with an additional stipend of $10,000 that can be used for living, travel and research expenses. For 2023-2024, we expect to offer at least three externally funded fellowships.

If contacted for an interview, applicants must be prepared to share reference letters from two references. Reference letters are not required as part of the initial submission of an application.

Last Date for Sending Application:

Applications will be accepted until Monday, January 9, 2023 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

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