Happy New Year Prayers for Your Girlfriend in 2023

How much do you love to include him in your prayers or send him happy new year wishes? We think this is a good opportunity to do something that is not common among couples.

Happy New Year wishes for your girlfriend in 2023
Happy New Year wishes for your girlfriend in 2023

What do you do that? Well, it involves sending a happy new month prayer to your girlfriend.

Happy New Year wishes for your girlfriend in 2023

Most people who send prayers for the new month to a girl expect less. However, as unusual as it may seem, it is one of the most extraordinary things a man can do for his daughter. With this, you will be able to prove to your lover that you have something to offer beyond money. And material things. Below is a list of prayers that you can send to your girlfriend:

Happy New Year Peaceful Prayers

My dear, in this new month I pray that the peace of the Lord that surpasses all others be with you. In this new month and beyond, you will not feel any kind of sadness. You will be at peace with yourself, with God and with everyone around you. amen

Prayer of Thanksgiving

I send this prayer to you so that you may know how grateful I am to God for giving me to you. I thank God for you, my dear, for seeing you another new year and keeping us together. Happy Navamas my love.

New Year’s Prayers of Safety

My love, my prayer for this new month is that you stay safe. You will not see any evil in this new month and beyond. You will be covered with God’s hand of protection. This I pray in Jesus name. amen

Happy New Year Prayers for Prosperity

My dear, in this new year and beyond, I pray for you that you may be right in all that you do. The work of your hands is blessed. Blessed is your going out and coming and from now on, blessing will be your passion. amen

Preaching prayer

My dear it is a season of preaching for you. Promotion will be all around you and whatever you set your mind to will be successful. This is my prayer for you now and beyond. amen

Happy New Year wishes

Having known you as a strong and hardworking woman, my prayer for you in this new year and beyond is that you achieve greatness in all areas of your life. God’s grace and mercy will speak for you around. amen

New Year Prosperity Prayer

It is the Father’s will that we all prosper and be blessed in all that we do. So, my love, I pray that you prosper in all that you do. If the works are a blessing to your hands and wherever you find yourself, you will see the blessing of the Lord.

Prayer for long life

It will not only break me when you are no more, but also the places under your watch. Well, I’d say I’ll live without knowing you’re gone. Baby, this is not a way of telling you, you are going to die anytime soon but saying that you will not die before your time, my dear. You will live and fulfill your purpose and just as the Bible says, the Lord will satisfy you with long life. A man.

Happy New Year wishes for good health

I pray for you this year and beyond that you live your years in good health and your days in peace. You will have no health problems and the Lord’s blessings will flow from you. amen

New month prayer of peace

My prayer for you in this new year and beyond is that the peace of the Lord beyond all understanding will be with you all your days. May you always be at peace in Jesus. amen

Preaching prayer

I pray that you will experience highs everywhere this year and beyond. You will prosper in whatever you do my dear. In the name of Jesus. amen


Words of prayer are more than any material thing you can give someone. Well, to some, it seems too cheap but on second thought, it is one of the best things you can give someone. And sending it to your girlfriend, would not be a bad idea.

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