Good news, RBI’s MANI app to identify notes 2023

Reserve Bank’s MANI App Launched by Reserve Bank of IndiaFull name is Mobile Aided Note Identification (MANI), this app can be downloaded for free from People & Ride Play Store and iOS App Store.

Reserve Bank's MANI App

The main purpose of launching MANI app The Reserve Bank helps people easily identify the correct form of the note so that messages through the Money app can quickly identify the C note. Or even chocolate people can successfully perform submerged transactions.

There are about 8 million people in the country, so they will get direct benefits. Reserve Bank of India banknotes have various features, including Muslim printing, tactile markings, convertibles Note Sizes, large numbers, convertible colors and monochrome proofs, etc.

Currently in India there are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2,000 rupee notes. To help identify any intaglio painting identification marks are given in the notes. These symbols are given on notes of Rs 100 and above. Also Read: Check Schedule & Live Status From Mobile


This money app will also contain notes related to Mahatma Gandhi series and Mahatma new series. Apart from this, the note can also be recognized by turning it. The plus of the app is that it can also be controlled by its voice and once installed will work even without internet.

Features of Reserve Bank’s MANI App

  1. Once downloaded on mobile, it will run without internet
  2. The MANI app can be downloaded for free from Android Play Store and iOS App Store
  3. The app can also be controlled by voice
  4. Can also recognize my notes

How to download Reserve Bank’s MANI app?

If you have an Android mobile Mini App Click Here

ios is more

For iOS 9+ Click here
Click here for iOS 8

How will Reserve Bank’s MANI app work?

  • First, the user will download the Money app from Play Store. After that, the note can be scanned through its camera.
  • After scanning the note, the money app says that the note is of Rs.
  • The value of the note will be mentioned in both Hindi and English.
  • The difference between original and guaranteed notes is not specified.

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