Gifts for Kids for Christmas – Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Children of All Ages

Start getting your gifts for kids ready for Christmas. If your kids haven’t written their list for Santa yet, but you want to beat the lines and do some shopping early, the answer is simple:

Gifts for kids for Christmas

Pick some winners from this list to take home. Read more in this article to get some gifts for kids for Christmas.

Gifts for kids for Christmas

From imaginative-play toys that encourage your kids to put down their screens and immerse themselves in an alternative, magical world to classic throwback toys made with new audiences in mind, we’ve got all the toys and games your kid will want to get their hands on. . Here are the easiest Christmas gifts for youngsters in 2020.

gifts for kids

Here are my picks for gifts for kids for the Christmas holidays:

Hawaiian shaved ice and snow cone machine

Help your kids make shaved ice, snow cones, snowballs, slushies, and margaritas with this Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine! It’s easy to wash, low enough for your inner circle, and makes the most delicious cold dessert.

Air War Battle Drones

Let your kids blow their own horns on their fighting skills in the sky. Kids (and adults!) go crazy for this intense, action-packed, drone-driven game. Skill building is also easy with three different speed settings and 4 pre-programmed attack moves.

Lil’ Glimmerz Rainbow Figure

You’re going to grab this hot holiday toy, STAT! Each Lil’ Gleamerz plushie features a fluffy tail that lights up, and so the enchanted characters always respond to touch and sound.

The Amazon-exclusive version comes in a very rainbow-covered package, so your kids will know exactly what they’re opening when they see it. This toy is Christmas gold.

Educational Insights — The Arti 3000 Coding Robot

The Arti 3000 can be a friendly little robot that enables your kids to program-specific design patterns using intuitive drag-and-drop software. Wi-Fi isn’t even required to make this Christmas gift for teens

Fitbit Ace 2 activity tracker for young people

During the colder seasons, it’s a challenge to get your kids off the screen and out the door. The Fitbit Ace 2 for Teens will facilitate the activity goals you set for your kids, introduce them to time-telling and even track their sleep quality that you’ll review through a handy app.

Hasbro Don’t Step In It Game Unicorn Edition

Do your best to avoid piles of number two (blindfolded!) and you’ll probably be favored. Roll out the sport mat and use the spinner to see what percentage of the magic unicorn poo has been deposited on the mat.

You’ll smile, talk, jump, walk or run your way — but whatever you’re doing, don’t step. PS Availability of this hot holiday toy fluctuates, so do your best to snag it once!

Little Tikes Toby Robot Smartwatch

They may not be old enough to rock an Apple Watch yet, but this age-appropriate smartwatch is an academic Christmas gift for teens they’ll be thrilled to receive.

It will help them learn to tell time and has many games to entertain them: a calendar, stopwatch, timer, reminder list, clock and two built-in cameras for taking fun photos and videos with friends.

DreamWorks Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

The surprise-and-unboxing trend continues strong with this black-and-white-spotted, shell-wrapped dragon. Once Baby Toothless’ shell is excited, it will split open, revealing the microscopic dragon’s bright eyes and charming smile.

Once Toothless is hatched, his interactive features allow him to answer your child’s questions, play games and even give your kids a sweet growl. This Christmas gift for teens is like a pet that you can’t just scrub off.

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set

For kids ages 5-10 (and up), this Hot Wheels set lets you race multiple cars at once for the ultimate sound crash. Your kids will have a great time letting the cars get some serious air, and they’ll want to play day after day. (Note that when built, the track is 2.5 feet long.)

Animated Puddles puppy stuffed animal

Another great exercise pet is adorable Puddles! He’s an animated puppy who barks and wags his tail when you pet his head, and purrs and makes kissy noises when you touch his nose.

“This puppy is so incredibly soft, so cute. We put this sweet stuffed puppy in our baby crib for the ‘last hurrah’ just before bath time.

LEGO Star Wars: The Mandalorian

This expert-level LEGO building set comes with over 1,000 pieces to assemble. Finished product? A brick-built toy model of everyone’s favorite Star Wars character! Once created, you’ll be able to pose the baby’s head, move its ears, and adjust its face to create different expressions.

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