Avatar: The Way of Water Post-Credit Scene

Avatar: The Way of Water post-credits scene, is there? Credits will provide a hint to users sitting through The third film in James Cameron’s epic sci-fi series?

Avatar: The Way of Water post-credits scene

Avatar: The Path of Water post-credits scene

The long awaited and anticipated Avatar: The Way of Water, landed in theaters this Friday giving us a new visual treat from legendary director James Cameron. You Should Know The sequel continues the epic story started by the 2009 original with both Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana returning as Na’vi heroes Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is over three hours long

The film is also Over three hours long. And with that being said, you’re probably curious about the mid- or post-credit scenes that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has conditioned us all to expect. Well, the answer is not a resonance! Avatar: The Last Airbender doesn’t have an extra scene of water during or after the credits. We don’t get any easter eggs, clues or ‘Jake Sully will return’ type messages as the movie cuts straight to the studio logo.

Release dates and timelines for other avatars

Cameron may decide that users will have to wait for Avatar 3 and 2024 for Avatar 4 and 5, on the other hand, to follow in 2026. And 2028 to be precise.

The opening credit sequence includes beautiful interpretations of imagery from the movie

The opening credit sequence, however, has a nice interpretation of the imagery from the movie, so with that, You might want to stick around just for that. Or you can take off those 3D glasses and get some fresh air instead. The Way of Water will likely hit Disney Plus in a few months, so you can pay for a trip to Pandora then.

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