Apple Is Working On Super-Powered New Pro Monitors

Apple is working on super-powered new Pro monitors, according to multiple reports. It might just be that Pro Display XDR update The newly reported Mac Pro could land later.

Apple is working on a super-powered new Pro monitor

Apple is working on a super-powered new Pro monitor

According to multiple reports, Apple is developing “multiple new external monitors” at the moment, which could include an update to the Pro Display XDR you already know.

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch flat-panel computer monitor you should know which was launched back in 2019 alongside the latest iteration of the Mac Pro. High-end monitors that boast a resolution of 6K certainly don’t come at a cheap price. And at a starting price of $4,999, it comes in at $999 to hold it with a “Pro Stand.”

In the event you’re wondering what customers will get with it, here’s something for you. Bloomberg reports that the new monitors will feature Apple silicon, adding that the new pieces of hardware will be less dependent on the source of the machine running it than previous models.

The Pro Display XDR is said to be released right after the upcoming new Mac Pro

The Pro Display XDR is also said to be released soon after the upcoming new Mac Pro is released The monitor is running behind it in the development cycle. No more specific information has been released about when the new monitor will land, nor have any further technical details been released. You should also note that we may be seeing a sequel to Apple’s Studio Display monitor.

The Studio Display that launched alongside the Mac Studio in March 2022 came with a major low starting price tag of just $1,599. The hardware came with a smaller 27-inch display, but it also came with a built-in camera, unlike the Pro Display XDR.

Apple is set to make some huge changes to how MacBooks are manufactured

But that’s not all Apple’s monitor lineup has been revealed Bringing some big changes though. The firm is reportedly set to make some big changes to how MacBooks are made and produced, potentially moving production to Vietnam where it already makes its AirPods.

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