5 Amazing Fiction Books to be Released in January 2023

Here are 5 amazing fiction books that will be released in January 2023 It’s that time of year when we all look forward to new book releases! This new year is here to stay. It comes with lots of wrapped goodies, amazing books to feast our eyes on, and most importantly, lots of love to give and receive.

5 Amazing Fiction Books To Be Released In January 2023

5 Amazing Fiction Books To Be Released In January 2023

You are probably excited to enter a new year, especially January, a perfect winter season! Nothing to do but lie in bed all day, sipping hot chocolate, eating cookies and reading a new book.

A lot of books will be launched and published especially on January 3rd10m17m, and 31St. There are so many book reviews I can’t wait to read and write.

bad cry

By Jessica Johns. This is a fantasy novel that will be released on the 10thm January 2023. Here in this novel a character, Mackenzie who is found in a desert by a flock of birds, covered in snow, panics before waking up.

Oh it was just a dream, he thought to himself as it took him back to the time when his sister, Sabrina, died, with guilt in his heart. A nightmare is becoming a reality for him as an ominous message is sent to him by his late sister’s personality posing with water on his face. The nightmare has begun!

The Mitford Affair

By Mary Benedict. It is a historical fiction novel which will release on 17thm January, 2023. Mary shares with us a novel about the six Mitford sisters, full of wit, fascinating and strange to their audience, dominating the English political, literary and social scene between the two world wars.

Their past was never a saintly one but more mishaps occurred when Diana married a Nazi leader after divorcing her rich husband. Ekta begins to suspect her sister of being Hitler’s mistress. However, Nancy Mitford is set to make a change as she tries to unravel the mystery and is hit with painful political choices as Britain goes to war with Germany.


By Jessica George. This is a fiction set that will be released on the 31stSt January, 2023. Maddy’s in London has never been fulfilled. Her mother has always shouldered the responsibility of caring for her father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, while she is in Ghana.

Filled with an inferiority complex and nightmares of going to work as the only black person, while his boss continues to sum up his withdrawal from his social life at work. He was never happy at home and always looked forward to his mother’s return from Ghana which never seemed to come.

To discover himself, he spends more time, drinks more and joins online dating sites Will Maddy be able to retrace her steps towards her original purpose?

Highly suspicious and unfairly clever

By Talia Hibbert. It is a romance novel which will release on 3rdrd January 2023. It’s the story of two lovebirds who have some history but nature brings them together when Celine Bangura enrolls in a wilderness survival course.

Celine has faced backlash from her fans numerous times in the past yet has managed to hold her head high and maintain her relationship with Bradley Graham.

She pictured a beautiful union that was working until Bradley decided to listen to popular opinion, she broke up with him. Mother Nature combining the two is a set up for Celine. Will they get back together?

Better the Blood

By Michael Bennett. A thriller novel about Hanna Westerman, a feisty Marie single mother, who succeeds in balancing her role as a mother and her career. He works at the Central Investigation Branch in Auckland and is doing his job perfectly until he is struck by a strange video of a crime scene.

As Hana and her team try to track down the assailant, scenes of the murders begin to flood in. Hana is determined to get to the bottom of it all but finds herself stuck in the middle of nowhere as her family is threatened by an unknown killer. Will he be able to protect his family?


What is the most popular book on Goodreads in 2022?

Have you been so busy that you haven’t been able to read the popular books shortlisted on Goodreads? Here are some of the most popular books on Goodreads 2022.

  • Colleen Hoover’s authenticity
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Reed.
  • The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
  • Reminder of him by Colin Hoover
  • Colin Hoover’s Ugly Love
  • People We Met on Vacation by Emily Henry.

How much does it cost to publish a book?

Writing a book is different from publishing it. It goes through editors, book designers, marketing, etc. before publishing a book. It usually ranges from $500 to $5000 either before a book is sent to market or posted in an online or physical bookstore.

What makes a book popular?

Not all books published in the market end up being popular. Today we find most of these books popular as a result of dialogue. Good books are filled with sharp, memorable dialogue that showcases a character’s personality and advances its plot. If you want your book to be popular, add texture to your story world by improving its dialogue.

Can you write a story in 7 days?

If you want to write a story romance, thriller, historical, etc. in 7 days then it is achievable. Do your homework. Embracing the aural pace enables you to shorten the hours or time allotted to writing. Why don’t you try it out in your next write-up?

What does each book need?

For a book to be complete, it needs to have certain keys. They are connected;

  • Provocation incident
  • the hero
  • opponent
  • conflict

If these are found in your book, you are probably wasting your writing time.

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